2024 Cheerful Links sponsorship for international students

Applications Closed
🧧Celebrate Chinese New Year with a £1,000 Supermarket Gift Voucher!🧧
Calling all Asian international students in the UK! As Chinese New Year approaches, Cheerful Links Group wants to help you celebrate with a £1,000 supermarket gift voucher🛍️!
Five lucky students will be chosen to receive this amazing gift, providing an extra support during your studies. Here’s how to apply:
🌟 Are you an international student from an Asian country?
🌟 Enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK?
🌟 Looking for financial support while excelling academically?
If you answered yes to all three, then you’re eligible! ✨
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Apply now! Applications open today and close on 22nd February 2024.
3. Read the terms and conditions carefully: https://cheerfullinks.com/cheerful-links-sponsorships…/
Winners will be announced on 24th February 2024,🏮Lantern Festival Day!
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Apply now and let Cheerful Links helps make your 2024 truly unforgettable!
全英國亞洲留學生注意啦!農曆新年即將到來,Cheerful Links Group 特別送上大禮,為你準備了5張價值1000英鎊的超市禮券️🛍️
1. 立即行動!申請通道現已開放,即日起 至2024年2月22日止。
3. 仔細閱讀申請條款及細則:https://cheerfullinks.com/cheerful-links-sponsorships…/
千萬不要錯過這個絕佳機會!立即申請,和Cheerful Links一起度過一個難忘的2024年!

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