Crystal Sago Dumpling



200g sago tapioca pearl

10 to 14 bamboo leaves (1 to 2 leaves per zongzi)

300cc ice water

20g sugar

1 tablespoon oil


300g taro/ mung bean/ red bean

45g sugar

1 tablespoon oil

2 teaspoon corn starch

2 teaspoon water

Prepare the fillings: Cut the taro into pieces and steam it in pot (add 10C.C water).
After the taro is steamed, press it into a puree while it is hot, and add white sugar and oil.
Then add corn starch and 2 tsp water and mix well. Roll the taro paste into a ball for later use.

Prepare the sago: Sago, add water 300C.C and soak for 20 minutes. After the sago is full of water, add sugar, oil and mix well.

Start wrapping and steaming: Fold the zong zi leaves, head to head, tail to tail. Folded into a bucket shape, add sago and taro filling. Put more sago to cover. Fold Zongzi into a triangle shape. Tie it with a cotton rope. Steam the dumplings in an electric pot for 30 minutes.

Dried Spices and Soup Mixed 香料及湯料

LZH Red Bean Azuki 454g 老字号红豆

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