Norwich 2nd Anniversary 13-Week Draw

🎉 Cheerful Links Norwich's 2nd Anniversary (🎁 13-Week Lucky Draw)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must be aged 18 or above when register this promotion.
  2. Promotion period / purchase period: 21st April, 2024 to 19th July, 2024, Registration period: 21st April, 2024 to 20th July, 2024 at 1:30 pm.
  3. Within the promotion period, a customer makes a single purchase of over £80 on retail products or £388 on catering products in-store can enter the lucky draw by registering the receipt number, name, phone number, email and address. The purchase amount is the net amount paid after all discounts and offers.
  4. A valid receipt must be an original receipt issued between 21st April, 2024 to 19th July, 2024 by Cheerful Links (Norwich). The original receipt should clearly show the purchased product name, purchase amount, receipt date and receipt number. Winners should keep the original receipt for prize redemption / verification.
  5. This promotion is for Cheerful Links (Norwich) only, and not applicable to other Cheerful Links branches or Cheerful Links online shopping platform.
  6. Each single receipt with purchase of over £80 on retail products or £388 on catering products can get one lucky draw chance. An additional lucky draw chance will be given for the purchase of every additional £80 on retail products or £388 on catering products.
  7. Extra lucky draw chances will be given by purchasing the designated product(s) of the week. If a receipt includes the designated quantity of selected product(s), an extra lucky draw chance will be given, includes two sets of designated quantity of selected products, 2 extra lucky draw chances will be given and so on. Please refer to the promotion website or poster for the selected products and their purchase quantity.
  8. Number of participations are not limited while each participant can win prize once only in the whole promotion period. Each receipt can be registered once only, any duplicated registrations or misinformation will result in disqualification.
  9. All winners will receive call/ email of the winning confirmation within 1 working day. If winners cannot be contacted/ do not receive the winning confirmation within the above period, the winners shall contact us within 14 working days after the above period or the winners will be disqualified. The late enquiries would not be accepted.
  10. All winners must agree the terms and conditions of the prizes and the photos and videos taken in the redemption can be used for the promotional purposes in any channels and media by Cheerful Links Ltd. for this promotion.
  11. The photos are for reference only.
  12. The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Cheerful Links (Norwich) shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the redemption or use of the prizes.
  13. Any receipts which are incomplete, fake, copy, broken, reprint, edited, smeared or not within the promotion period will not be accepted. Cheerful Links (Norwich) reserves the right to judge the eligibility of the winners. In case of loss of receipt, it will not be replaced or reissued.
  14. In the interest of fairness, the employees of Cheerful Links (Norwich) are not eligible for entry.
  15. In case of disputes, the decision of Cheerful Links (Norwich) will be final and binding.
  16. Any personal data collected will be used to contact and verify the identity of the participants for prize redemption only and will be handled properly and kept confidential. Cheerful Links (Norwich) reserves the right to disqualify participants who refuse or fail to provide the relevant personal information. All personal data collected will be destroyed within 90 days after the end of the promotion.

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